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Don’t leave more than your footprint!

At Mallorca Activities, we are aware of the need to promote and carry out responsible tourism, and for this reason we want to be a benchmark in Mallorca in sustainable active tourism based on the conservation of the natural space, support for the local economy and the elimination of barriers in tourist spaces.

Every journey leaves traces. We are continuously working on reducing them, by optimizing C02 and removing plastic and paper from all our routes.

Now we’ve gone a step further offsetting our carbon footprint. You will find more information about this project here.

Sustainability Coordinator Duties

  • Makes the sustainability policy known to all staff, subcontractors and clients through external communications (web).
  • Communicate operational guidelines on sustainability to staff, subcontractors, agency and client. (manual for mountain guides and decalogue for the responsible tourist). Whenever there is a new guide or agency, the documents (mountain guide and sustainability policy / tourist decalogue) are delivered to the agency. Always leaving a record, filing the emails sent as evidence of the communication)
  • Communicate and request environmental information from our suppliers and record the information.
  • Review and monitor compliance with the sustainability policy, the objectives and goals of the objective program, as well as all those documents that ensure the proper functioning and compliance with the criteria defined by the TRAVELIFE distinctive. (in collaboration with the external consulting company).
  • Interlocutor between Travelife and the company. (together with external consulting firm)
  • Together with the Management of Mallorca Activities, it ensures the well-being and labor standards of all employees, as well as compliance with human rights.
    Carry out environmental awareness activities.
  • It attends to the demands of employees regarding environmental information, as well as processes their complaints or suggestions in this field.

Funciones de Coordinadora de Sostenibilidad

  • Da a conocer la política sostenibilidad a todo el personal, subcontratas y a clientes a través de comunicaciones externas ( web).
  • Comunica las pautas operacionales en materia de sostenibilidad a personal, subcontratas, agencia y cliente. (manual para guías de montaña y decálogo para el turista responsable). Siempre que haya un nuevo guía o agencia se le hace entrega de los documentos (guía de montaña y de la política sostenibilidad /decálogo del turista a la agencia.). Siempre dejando constancia, archivando los emails mandados como evidencia de la comunicación)
  • Comunica y solicita información ambiental a nuestros proveedores y registra la información.
  • Revisa y efectúa el seguimiento del cumplimiento de la política sostenibilidad, los objetivos y metas del programa objetivos, así como todos aquellos documentos que aseguren el buen funcionamiento y cumplimiento de los criterios definidos por el distintivo TRAVELIFE. ( en colaboración con la empresa externa de consultoría).
  • Interlocutor entre Travelife y la empresa. (junto con la empresa consultora externa)
  • Vela conjuntamente con la Dirección de Mallorca Activities por el bienestar y los estándares laborales de todos los empleados así como el cumplimiento de los derechos humanos.9
  • Realiza las actividades de concienciación medioambiental.
  • Atiende las demandas de los empleados sobre información medio ambiental, así como tramita sus quejas o sugerencias en este campo. 

Functions of all employees and subcontractors “mountain guides”

  • They meet the requirements of the company’s sustainability policy and that are applicable to it.
  • They collaborate in the continuous improvement of the sustainability system by providing suggestions and constructive criticism.


Mallorca Activities we are a company dedicated to active tourism, mainly hiking, climbing, canyoning, caving and incentives on the island of Mallorca.

Our main asset is the environment and for this reason we are aware of the need to promote, among our clients and value chain, and also to carry out responsible tourism that minimizes our environmental impacts and adds value to the local community.


Por todo ello, nos comprometemos a:

  • In removing barriers in tourist spaces and expanding the offer of active tourism in a business model in which safety, inclusion, accessibility and sustainability prevail. We are working on creating excursion programs that take these factors into account. To preserve the natural space and promote respect for wild animals and their natural habitat and leave a minimal footprint.

  • To preserve the natural space, promote respect for wildlife and their natural habitat, always leaving a minimal footprint. For this reason we have developed the responsible tourism regulations that we communicate to our customers and guides, paying particular attention to the environmental awareness of our excursions, which include a day of sustainability in the contracted package.

  • We support the local economy by hiring local businesses and promoting trade, culture and the local environment. We are working to design more sustainable tourism packages considering the value chain. For this reason, we will regularly assess the sustainability practices of our key partners to work with those who guarantee that their practices are truly sustainable.

  • We do not allow the purchase of souvenirs containing endangered flora and fauna species, illegally obtained historical/archaeological artifacts, drugs or illegal substances, and we comply with current local and international laws to prevent this.

  • We reduce the consumption of internal natural resources such as electricity and especially fuel in transport by raising awareness among partners and our employees. We are working towards 100% offsetting the carbon footprint of our activities. We can confirm this through emission certificates in official projects (registered with the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and/or the Ministry of the Environment of the Balearic Islands)
  • Ensuring the safety and health of our workers, 100% compliance with labor regulations and raising awareness among all our stakeholders of absolute respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination and in particular the rights of minors through information on the web and contractual documents , manuals and internal procedures.
  • We define goals and measures for the continuous improvement of sustainability management and compliance with legal regulations. Definir objetivos y acciones para la mejora continua de los compromisos asumidos

These policies are reviewed by management every 2 years.

Mayo, 2023

Hendrik Uhlemann

CEO of Mallorca Activities