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Terms and condicions

The entire activities of NATURE ACTIVITIES S.L., hereinafter called MALLORCA ACTIVITIES, are linked to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In the area of ​​active tourism (hiking, mountaineering, Coasteering, canyoning, climbing, etc. …) there is a potential risk from nature. The mountain guides from Mallorca Activities count on the basic physical fitness and experience of the participants to carry out the mentioned activities. Participants must also be aware that there is no such thing as a complete exclusion of all risks.
  1. The participant undertakes to inform Mallorca Activities about existing illnesses or complaints that can affect the activity.
  1. Mallorca Activities assumes no liability for accidents.
  1. The mountain guide reserves the right to change the planned activity according to the prevailing weather and mountain situation, in order to ensure safety. The same applies if it is found that the participant does not meet the requirements. In this case, the mountain guide will adapt the route to the physical requirements.
  1. The mountain guide reserves the right to cancel an activity if one of the participants puts himself or another person in the group in danger.
  1. Every participant must follow the instructions of the mountain guide. If the instructions are not followed, the mountain guide has the right to exclude the participant or to cancel the activity. The participant loses the right to any claims with immediate effect.
  1. The participant gives his consent to the use of the photos taken during the activity. If the participant does not want this, the mountain guide must be expressly informed before the activity.
  1. Apart from the statutory rights of withdrawal, the client can, without Mallorca Activities has to withdraw against these claims in the following cases before the start of the journey: If essential elements of the contract, which also includes the travel price, are significantly changed. In any case, the thwarting of the stipulated purpose or character of the travel event, as well as an increase in the agreed travel price by more than 10%, is such a change in the contract. Mallorca Activities is obliged to immediately explain the change to the contract directly to the customer and to instruct the customer about the existing option of either accepting the change to the contract or withdrawing from the contract. Customers must exercise the option immediately.
  1. The cancellation fee is a percentage of the travel price or activity price and its amount is based on the date of receipt of the declaration of cancellation. The total price of the contractually agreed service is to be understood as the travel price or package price. In all cases not mentioned under point 8, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract against payment of a cancellation fee. The cancellation conditions of Mallorca Activities be:
  • up to the 31st day before departure 20%
  • from the 30th day before departure 50%
  • from the 24th day before departure 60%
  • from the 17th day before departure 75%
  • from the 10th day before departure 80%
  • from the 3rd day before departure until the day of departure 85%.
  • “No show”  100%

Mallorca Activities would also like to point out that there is no entitlement to reimbursement of a service if the trip is interrupted. We therefore strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance that includes cancellation, interruption, patient repatriation, and rescue costs.

  1. For all disputes, the court in Palma de Mallorca is in any case responsible. Only Spanish law applies.