The Serra de Tramuntana has an extensive network of trails. Some hiking trails run along the old connecting paths between the villages. They date from the Arab period (1000 years ago) and are partly paved with stone. Others follow the charcoal burner paths and old mule tracks to remote farms or watchtowers. The GR221 or “Pedra en Sec – Route of Dry Stone Walls” leads over more than 160 km of old cobblestone streets that used to connect villages and properties on the mountain.

The “GR221 – ALPIN” program is aimed at “mountaineers” among hikers. Not only because of the length and height desnivels of the routes, but also because of the nature of the paths. Some sections require the use of hands and even ropes, such as in the Torrente de Pareis. Many of the paths are “only” paths that lead us over stones or rocks for a long time. The descent from “Puig de Massanella”, for example, has no signs and is “only” marked with cairns. This program requires a good level of fitness and some hiking experience.

Trip Plan

7 days Program!


Individual arrival at Esporles

Accommodation: Sa Fita Backpackers

Esporles to Deia

This hike leads through holm oak forests, past old coal ovens and lime kilns to Valldemossa. Here you have time for a coffee or a little stroll through the village. Now the ascent to one of the most famous hiking trails in Mallorca, the “Archduke Ludwig Salvador’s bridle path” awaits. Then descend over a pass towards Deia, which is one of the most picturesque mountain villages in Mallorca.

▲: 1100m.  ▼: 1200 m.  Longitude: ca. 17km.  Duration: ca. 6,5h.

Accommodation: Refugio Can Boi

Deia – Soller “Cami des Pintors”

The easiest route of our hiking week leads along the “Camí des Pintors”, past old houses from the 13th century. The trace of Arab ancestry previously served as a link between the cities of Soller and Deia. When the weather is nice, you can take several bathing breaks. There is also the opportunity to take a walk through the mountain town of Sóller, which is considered the “capital” of the Tramuntana.

▲: 350 m.  ▼: 370 m.  Longitude: ca. 12km.  Duration: ca. 3h.

Accomodation: Hostal Soller

Barranc of Biniaraix  to  Tossals Verds

The Biniaraix Gorge is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Sierra de Tramuntana and has been declared a “public asset”. This paved hiking trail is a fascinating combination of stone steps, rocks, water and wild vegetation. From the “Pico de L’Ofre” you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole island. Continue to the mountain shelter via the “Pas de Roca Llisa”

▲: 940 m.  ▼: 360 m.  Longitude: ca. 16 km.  Duration: ca. 6,5h.

Alternative: mit L’Ofre

▲: 1200 m.  ▼: 560 m.  Länge: ca. 18 km.  Gehzeit: ca. 8 Std.

Tossals Verds – Massanella – Santuari of Lluc

With the “Puig de Massanella” you’ll arrived on the top of the GR221. The ascent begins gently through a forest and leads us to the steeply sloping walls of the Massanella. Now the rocky path begins and, in some steps, we use our hands. Once at the top, we enjoy the infinite view while resting at the summit before the descent to Lluc awaits us.

▲: 1000 m     ▼: ca. 800 m     Longitude: ca. 18 km    Duration: ca. 7,5 Std.

Accomodation: Santuari de Lluc

Torrente de Pareis

The Torrente de Pareis is the most extraordinary hike on the island and has been declared a natural monument by UNESCO. In some passages you must use your hands and / or support ropes. So that you can enjoy this unique excursion, you will be accompanied by a trained, qualified mountain guide. At the end of the excursion there is the opportunity to swim in the sea before returning by bus.

▼: ca. 650 m     Longitude: ca. 9 km    Duration: ca. 5 Std.

Accomodation: Santuari de Lluc

The final Countdown from Lluc to Pollenca

The last stage of the “Mallorca Crossing” takes you to Pollensa. Most of this stage is on a forest road and easy to walk. If you still have the strength and desire for a summit,  it’s waiting for you on the path the “Puig Tomir”. From the summit, you will be compensated for the very steep ascent with a fantastic view to Menorca.

▲: 500 m.  ▼: 700 m.  Longitude: ca. 17,5 km   Duration: ca. 5 Std.

Alternative: mit Puig Tomir

▲: 850 m.  ▼: 950 m.  Longitude: ca. 20,5 km   Duration: ca. 7,5 Std

Accomodation: Refugi Pont Roma

Services included

  • 5 accommodation in Mountain Hut (Refugis)
  • 2 accommodation in Santuari de Lluc (Doble Room with bath)
  • 7 Breakfest – (HB on request)
  • Guided Tour Torrente de Pareis, Transfer included
  • Luggage Transfer (Tossals Verds NO)
  • Maps
  • GPS Tracks
  • Phone of contact   (24h)


515€/ Person (min. 2 Persons) 

Additional service: Double room in Esporles, Soller, Tossals Verds – surcharge 55 € / pers. Inquiries at: