There are those who are content to take a walk and enjoy the mountain landscape or combined with the sea. But there are others who are not satisfied with it and are looking for stronger emotions: They are active nature lovers, those who need adrenaline when they descend a canyon, ride a zip line, dive into a cave or jump off a cliff.

Explore Mallorca’s cliffs and pristine beaches while trying out coasteering, a combination of hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, jumping into the sea, visiting sea caves and much more!

Mallorca is one of the best coasteering hotspots in the world. The cliffs are at an optimal height, the weather is mostly good, the limestone coast is full of holes and has many caves. In addition, the Mediterranean is generally warm and crystal clear and therefore offers the best conditions for a perfect activity.

Canyoning gear includes climbing hardware, static or semi-static ropes, helmets, wetsuits, packs, and rope bags. All these things are provided by MALLORCA ACTIVITIES. Our canyoning guides are professionally qualified and with many experiences, so you will be well looked after on your trip.

If you have got a taste for it, just have a look at our calendar, maybe you will find an activity that you want to join. If you do not want to join a group, just send us an e-mai to: and we will create an individual activity just for you.


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