Torrente de Pareis is considered like the most exceptional excursion of the island. The high walls from more than 200 m., the wilderness and climbing sections are the highlights of this canyon. Biological and geological features of the Torrent are also the reason why it has been declared by UNESCO as a Natural Monument. The current structure of the Natural Monument is the result of the abrasive action of the stream water on the limestone rock and the karstic dissolution processes, which have facilitated a large tectonic fracture and led to karstic shaping with the formation of fields of lapies, dolines, gorges, caves and chasms.

The Crossing of the Torrente de Pareis is not a normal hike it ‘s more of a handle on many obstacles. This excursion involves some awkward climbing over large boulders, a safety rope is useful in places as a hand line. It should only be undertaken by persons in good physical condition.

Difficulty: High because you have lots of scrambling over large boulders
Distance: 8km
Descent: 600m
Duration: 4-6 hours depending on conditions, groups size and ability

Material what is necesary:

  • Boasts for walking on rocky ground
  • Mountain Sportswear and parts
  • Backpack
  • 1,5l water /person
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (lips and skin)

If you like our guide will prepare an typical Majorcan Picnic, you’ll be amazed….
In the summertime (May to October) there is the possibility to swim in the sea of the end of the hike. It’s the best welllness program what ever you made….
You can make a reservation for only one person and you will enjoy with one of our guided grup, or if you like you can book a private. Also we can organize the transfer from the accommodation to the startpoint of this hike.

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