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Summer camp for children 

With the arrival of summer, there are many parents who are concerned and looking for ways the kids can spend their time. To avoid sitting in front of the TV all day or being bored, we at Mallorca Activities offer our summer camp for children 2020, the best option for the little ones on Mallorca.

Exercise has many advantages for children and teenagers. Therefore, our philosophy is based on raising them from an early age to incorporate exercise into their routines and way of life. Our summer camps are the best way for children to do sports, socialize and, above all, have fun. If you are looking for a summer camp in Mallorca so that your children can enjoy their vacation, we at Mallorca Activities offer you a variety of locations. If your children are sea lovers and like adventure, the Kids Summer Camp 2020 is the ideal option. We have the best and well-trained guides so that children can enjoy sports in nature.

All of our summer camps are suitable for children between 10 and 15 years of age and take place from Monday to Friday. Sometimes you can do complementary activities at the weekend to discover the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

  • The activities last from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the starting point is the Alaró gas station every day. If you do not live in Alaró, we can also pick up the children on request.
  • The group size is a maximum of 8 children/guide
  • Since these are outdoor activities, which are also dependent on the weather, changes in the program can occur at short notice. You can check the current weather forecast here.