The calm waters of, Mallorca are ideal for canoeing with a sea kayak! The coast offers e.g. fascinating caves, which you can explore by kayak. An interesting experience, accessible to anyone, even if one has never paddled a kayak before.

Witness marine fauna and flora at close range, float into coastal caves and observe beautiful and impressive coastlines. To discover Mallorca’s rugged cliffs of the northern coast and the myriad of beautiful bays and the romantic little coves is a very special kind of adventure. Kayaking can be practiced yearround. Taking advantage of the glassy sea before the noon sea breeze, it is also easily possible for beginners to discover this wonderful watersport for themselves. Sea-kayaking can be a great fun sport for the entire family. Enjoy a real feel of freedom and tranquillity within a surrounding paradise of dramatic coastlines towering over the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and its unspoilt beaches… Observe some of the natural wonders of Mallorca; its variety of plants, fish and bird species. MALLORCA ACTIVITIES will provide you with all the necessary equipment and professional guidance to guarantee you a truly sensational day out at sea!

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MALLORCA ACTIVITIES in offering kayak courses and excursions with certified guides. We also are able to combine a kayak tour with many of our other aquatic (water-caves, speedboat trips,coasteering,…) and land-based (psicobloc climbing, hiking, adventure trails,…)activities.

What we will see on our kayak tours: impressive and virgin natural areas and cliffs, many fish come and have say hi, when the weather conditions are right for it, we will enter in some seaside caves
What we will probably see: Osprey, wild goats, sea hawks
What we might see: moray eels, flying fish, dolphins