Mallorca is an island that boasts a wide array of incredible landscapes. This translates into itineraries in the mountains, along the coastline and across the plains. Impressive views of the Tramuntana Mountains to the west, with several peaks measuring with 14 paeks over 1000 m high and up to 1450 metres in Puig Major’s case, and the Llevant Mountains to the east, with their lower profile that reaches 561 m at its highest point, reflect the islands’ most rugged terrain. The marina to the south and north and the central plain conceal landscapes that astonish hikers who adventure along their paths The Tramuntana Mountains, Area of Special Interest with a length of 90km. It is known for his dry stone walls, olive trees, oaks and beautiful landscapes that leave their mark. In addition to the typical Mediterranean vegetation we can find over 100 endemic plant species and the black vulture and the midwife toad.

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Hiking in Mallorca allows you to discover the island’s traditional way of life. It is not only about enjoying nature but also about exploring it and discovering traces of our history and culture in the landscape. Part of our ethnological heritage is connected to charcoal making. It is formed by stone structures such as huts, charcoal hearths, loading platforms, or snow deposits, they were used in the past to store snow and make ice. Other heritage elements include dry-stone paths, fountains and water mills.

In the dry stone Route GR221 you will discover the history and traditional island architecture, in use since the century XIII for new roads and walls. You’ll be stay in moutain huts called “Refugio” and it will be a special experience for everyone…

MALLORCA ACTIVITIES can organized your complete hiking week including accommodation and transfers The hikes in MALLORCA ACTIVITIES are divided into 3 different levels, which are dependent on altitude and walk. The details you can find out in the decripcion of every hike.