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  • 5 December, 2020
  • All Day

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    All Day
    5 December, 2020



    All Day
    5 December, 2020




    The climbing course with Mallorca Activities is for all ages and levels, especially for beginners. You have never scald before and save what you want to try, the Level I climbing course is perfect for you. In just 4 – 5 hours you learn the basic techniques for climbing. If you even save “only” you’ve climbed on the rocker and now want to start on a rock, the Level II course is perfect for you. You were looking for an alternative activity for your child’s birthday, so don’t try a day of climbing, send us an email to and we offer you an adventure activity for children.

    Level I – Contents:

    • Making knots.
    • Assemble and disassemble meetings.
    • Belaying with different devices and knots.
    • The technical learning of falls.
    • Technique of “top rope” and first.

    Level II – Contents:

    • Technique for climbing multi-pitch routes.
    • Double rope belaying.
    • Holding meetings with double rope.
    • Rappel with double rope.
    • Circumstantial assurance to the first and second rope.
    • Hold meetings.

    Level III – Contents:

    • Climbing self-rescue.
    • Climb the second rope in case of emergency.
    • Lower the rope first to the meeting in an emergency when the rope is short.
    • Lower the injured partner to the ground.

    * Course recommended for experienced climbers.


    • Sa Gubia (Buñola),
    • s’Estret (Valldemosa),
    • Puerto Vallemosa,
    • Castle of Alaró,

    Necessary material:

    • Boots or sports.
    • Comfortable clothes.
    • Water, min 1 liter/person.

    The activity includes individual safety equipment (harness, helmet, carabiners) and collective equipment (ropes), guide. This activity is time pending. You can see the prediction here.