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  • 14 September, 2020
  • All Day

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All Day
14 September, 2020



All Day
14 September, 2020





At Canyoning Majorca near Valldemossa with its wild landscape and the view of the sea, we have one of the most beautiful canyons on Mallorca. Torrente Es Lli is very popular for its proximity to the sea and the spectacular views it offers us. The descent can be practiced in both the rainy season and the dry season, as its many impressive abseils make it a spectacle in every season.  The first few meters of the descent is very close together before we find the first ledges. As soon as we have passed the first bumps, we will find the first jumps.

The abseiling processes follow one another during the descent and what at first glance seems like an uninteresting gorge gradually gains in intensity, verticality, and aesthetics. The walls that surround us increase in height and the canal dips between very vertical walls. After a few abseils, we reach the most characteristic point of this canyon: a 56 m long abseil and the opening of the canyon to the Port de Valldemossa. The horizon and the wonderful view of the sea confirm that we have chosen the Torrente Es Lli for one of the most sensational canyons on the island.

Canyoning Majorca – Valldemossa

  • Approach: 10min
  • Duration: 2-3h
  • Way back: 15 min
  • Length: 800m
  • Descent: 250 m
  • Total duration: 3.5 hours
  • Level: with little water – medium / with a lot of water – difficult

Necessary material:

  • Hiking or sports shoes
  • comfortable things
  • 1.5l water/person
  • Towel and change items

Material from Mallorca Activities: safety material (helmet, belt, rope, etc ..), wetsuit, trained guide.

This activity is highly dependent on the weather. You can check the weather forecast here.