Mallorca Activities is a Incoming Agency  to make outdoor activities and enjoy to the fullest, respecting the environment and nature. If you´re looking for adrenaline and fun, new sensations, disconnected, sports to the limit, meet people and party, you are in the right place. Just choose the activity you want to try and join us. In addition to the sport if you´re interested in learning about the culture of the island, check out our “packs.” Accompany you to see how to make wine, oil and products of the island long ago. Know the techniques, but do you want to refine? Check out our calendar of scheduled activities, training of climbing, canyoning, caving, self-rescue and ask us a specific activity budget.

Mallorca Activities has the DRIAT and is registered as an “Active Tourism” company with the number TA / 54

Mallorca Activities has the necessary authorization to carry out sports in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Tramuntana issued by “Natural Spaces and Biodiversity” with SEN number 185/17

Mallorca Activities is member of the “Associación IB Activa”



Mallorca Activities approved materials have appropriate security measures for the realization of hiking, climbing, canyoning, caving and adventure sports. Thus, as in every sport guides and rescuers. All our clients have an accident and liability insurance with AXA insurance company whose policy covers any incident that might occur in carrying out these activities under existing legislation. In all the activities included safety equipment for individual and group customers (helmet, harness, ropes, carabineers,…)

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Discover Mallorca!
Discover Mallorca!


Hendrik Uhlemann

The renewable energy engineer has been living on the island for many years. For his wife mallorquina knew the other Mallorca. His 3 Hobbys sport, history and geography combine perfectly with his Mountain Guide work. “Being able to live in harmony with nature is my daily thrust.”Mountainguide.
Languages: español, mallorquín, inglés, alemán.

Victoria Juan Verd

She combined her youth between chemistry studies at university and trips to remote places to enjoy the mountain and nature, according to his motto “The mountain for me is not only a sport, it’s a way of life.” For 20 years she has done routes through the Tramuntana. Her biggest hobby is climbing.“I love to enjoy with people on the mountain”Hiking GuideLanguages: español, mallorquín, inglés, alemán.

Marc Fornes Wheler

Image Mallorca Activities Marc fornes wheler Mountainguide
Languages: Spanish, Katalan, English, German

Hans Dieter Möhring

Image Mallorca Activities Hans-Dieter Mountain and Canyoninguide
Languages: German, Spanish, English

Thomas Phillips

Image Mallorca Activities Thomas Phillips Hiking guideLanguages: German, Spanish, English

Elke Lässer

Eike Lässer Image Mountain guide, certification UIMLA.Languages: German, Spanish, English

Patricia Ferrer

Patricia Ferrer Image Hiking guide
Languages: Spanish, Katalan, German, English


MALLORCA ACTIVITIES, works with selected partners in strategic areas. Giving to our client the best services and experiences around our Island.