Impressive Adventure outing on the East coast of Mallorca, exploring the interior of Mallorca, literally! This excursion mixes hiking with caving and also offers a touch of extra adrenalin with an optional 25m abseil and jumps into the water.

Meeting point: Cala Romantica- Schedule: from 09:30 to 13:30 Level: easy

Necessary equipment:

  • Headlamp
  • Wetsuit (available to rent for 5 €)
  • Trainers (sturdy shoes that can get wet)
  • Water (1,5L/person), a snack/lunch
  • Sun cream
  • Swim goggles
Scenario of the day:
  • We meet in Manacor city and drive towards the coast.
  • After having organized all the gear, we walk towards a lovely beachth
  • We abseil (not obligatory!) to sealevel from the top of the cliffs
  • We swim into the cave through a tunnel (never submerged!), on the other side we arrive in the first of many halls and we carry out a circular route through the cathedral that is this cave
  • We leave the cave the same way we came in and swim back to the beach (approx 250m)

This is a true action packed day, with loads of emotions from adrenaline to awe coursing throug our veins and therefore making this an experience to never forget! Getting to know this precious part of Mallorca will leave no-one untouched! During the excursion you will enjoy:

  • An adventure guide who knows the area well and is great with both adults and kids, who will guarantee a safe and fun outing for all participants, and who will point out the most relevant details about the areas visited on the canoe.
  • You will hike across the most clean, turquoise and crystalline waters of Mallorca.

We will probably see:

  • Wild goats, marine falcons, fishing eagles, endemic birds (especially the Balearic shearwater), cormorants, etc.
  • Fish of different types and sizes, amongst them: white seabream, saddle bream, chromis,  sarpa salpa, etc.

Minimum age: 10 years.

  • Children younger than 12 need to be accompanied by an adult
  •  Youngster between 12 and 18 will need written authorization from their parents or caretaker if they wish to take part unaccompanied by an adult.